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Hear why Clinic to Cloud is trusted by thousands of health professionals

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“I am truly very grateful for the support that we've had from the Clinic to Cloud team. They’ve understood our request to minimise paper in our surgery, optimise our patient workflow, create more efficiency and less duplication.”

Dr Talat Uppal
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“We had a backlog in that first week of COVID. We had hundreds of patients. However, we found the Clinic to Cloud software very easy to use. Now, everything we need is coming in as we need it. My blood tests are coming in, my x-rays are coming in - it gives me much more freedom and costs me less."

Dr Marius Botha
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"The transition to Clinic to Cloud went exceptionally smoothly, better than I expected. the simplicity of Clinic to Cloud was fantastic, it was easy for everyone to use, and we saw benefits immediately.”

Sharlene Holtom
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“I was producing about 30 letters a week, but since we deployed voice recognition this has increased by 30%. I prepare letters much more quickly – usually within minutes after the consultation.”

Associate Prof. Peter Illingworth
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“Clinic to Cloud is definitely helping us make our processes very smooth, and it also gives our patients immense satisfaction that they can be more involved in their own care.”

Dr. Pankaj Arora
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“Clinic to Cloud provides me and my practice with the flexibility and accessibility I need in the 21st century.”

Dr Joseph Sgroi
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“The letter writing through voice recognition for me has been the most significant time- saving feature in the Clinic to Cloud platform.”

Dr Joseph Macdessi
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“I can easily see at any time any patient’s record without a paper copy. I can record my operation notes, record pictures and even send the discharge letter from the clinic straight away.”

Dr T.A. Sudhahar
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“Having a Patient Portal enables patients to book appointments and view their records online, which really helps with engagement and recovery.”

Professor Richard Harvey
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“We chose Clinic to Cloud because we can use it for scheduling and clinical consulting, through to billing both in and out patients.”

Dr Niranjan Sritharan
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“Clinic to Cloud has revolutionised my practice, improved my workflow, and has had a positive impact on my work-life balance.”

Dr David Swartz
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