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About us

Get to know the team behind Clinic to Cloud and why we do what we do.

Our vision

To deliver a cost effective and powerful Electronic Medical Records system to medical specialists and practices, by securely providing doctors mobility tools, visibility over their patients and the ability to work on the go.


Clinic to Cloud is built with the view of being highly secure, available, affordable and scalable. Founded by a group of people with decades of medical industry experience, innovation is at the heart of our product. We will continue to add features and value to the user to ensure their experience is enjoyable as well as creating efficiencies for the practice.


Our aim is to provide:


  • A truly cloud based platform — Using the cloud means no downloading or installing applications, nor any specialist hardware. Your systems are good to go with the devices you already have. What’s more, downtime becomes a thing of the past!


  • A secure solution — Security has been and will continue to be a central focus point of our design, plan and implementation. With ample industry experience, we’ve got a sensitivity towards duty of care, reliability and security of data. Over 10,000 hours of testing and reliability checks ensure your data is safe. Security will continue to be a focus point and will never become a “set and forget” feature.


  • Australian based hosting and storage of data — We understand that many countries and states are concerned with the sovereignty of their citizen’s data and we have taken measures to ensure that our hosting reflects and complies with the concerns and laws. All of the data centres we use are based in Australia, so none of your data leaves the country! The clinical data is the property of the practice or the doctors that signs the agreement with us. For more information, you can view our privacy policy.


Clinic to Cloud is fortunate to have an advisory board of healthcare professionlas that have not only advised but have scoped the product into what it is today and what it will be in the future. Their advice and suggestions are of critical importance to the success of the project as more than 1,700 healthcare professionals have discovered.

If you are interested in joining our advisory board or have any thoughts on how to make Clinic to Cloud better for your speciality or field of medicine please dont hesitate to contact us.

Meet the leadership team

About Clinic to Cloud, Meet the Team at Clinic to Cloud

Rafic Habib

Co Founder / CEO
With more than 15 years in the medical IT industry, I have been involved in small and large projects. After many years of research, development and testing, I co-founded Clinic to Cloud and it has been more successful than I had hoped. I enjoy travelling, and am an avid lover of scotch.
Mark Dwyer

Mark Dwyer


With over a decade of experience scaling SaaS companies across the globe, my days are spent helping our teams share the vision, challenge the status quo and delight our customers at every turn. I believe that together, we have the ability to evolve the way patients and healthcare professions interact, fostering better relationships and saving lives.

I’m a passionate Ferrari fan, on weekends I attempt to surf and love watching the NY Giants in the NFL.


Megan Hermosillo

Vice President of Marketing

In my role as Vice President of Marketing, my job is to shape and share the Clinic to Cloud story by implementing marketing strategies that will help attract, inform, and engage our audience. A proud mother and wife, I enjoy cooking, entertaining and spending as much time on the beach as possible.


Timothy Penton

Vice President of Sales

For over 10 years, I have been working in the customer lifecycle marketing tech space. My focus has been on designing strategies and delivering programs to empower my customers, by helping them understand and leverage constantly changing marketing tech. My transformative approach has been driving the best possible outcomes for my customers and theirs.

The ocean is my passion, either on it surfing or in it scuba diving, but if the waves aren't any good, I am happy to kick back with a delicious G&T.


Vanesa Sakota

Product Director

My job at Clinic to Cloud is to maximize business value by leading a complex agile environment. My extensive experience within the Australian primary and secondary healthcare sectors allows me to do just that. I am here to see Clinic to Cloud lead the way across APAC and beyond.


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About Clinic to Cloud, Meet the Team at Clinic to Cloud

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