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IVF Australia

How IVFAustralia leveraged technology to improve operational efficiency and deliver better patient experiences
IVF Australia Peter

Why IVFA Engaged Clinic to Cloud

Speech Recognition Technology

IVFAustralia is the largest and most experienced fertility group in New South Wales, with a number of Australia’s IVF pioneers and a broad team of highly-experienced Medical Professors, the multi-clinic organisation treats up to 5,000 patients a year.

Recognising the considerable value that a move to digital documentation and workflows would make to its patients and doctors alike, IVFAustralia engaged Clinic to Cloud to help overhaul their workflows and help ensure they continued to deliver the high levels of patient care that has come to characterise the clinics.


  • Doctors and clinical staff faced overwhelming administrative pressures
  • Turnaround time for letters was up to 4 weeks

I was producing about 30 letters a week, but since we deployed speech recognition this has increased by 30%. Now, I prepare letters much more quickly – usually within minutes after the consultation. I am able to produce a detailed and high quality letter which is easy to create.

Associate Professor Peter Illingworth Medical Director, IVFAustralia
IVF Australia challenges
Turnaround time of letters was 2-4 weeks.

Letters are now created on the same day.


Reducing letter turnaround times with speech recognition

IVFAustralia saw an instant reduction in letter turnaround times. Previously, the clinicians found letters to be a chore and they often got delayed for weeks by which time recalling consults was stressful and led to errors.

“Today I dictate the conversation I had with the patient right after their consultation. I like the fact that I can now leave at 5.30pm and have no letter backlogs at work. This means I feel less pressure. The technology has definitely made my life easier.” Associate Professor Illingworth added. “The accuracy is great. It copes perfectly well with my Scottish accent. I have to say that I love it.”

Improved patient experience through mobile healthcare

By enabling Clinic to Cloud’s mobile application, clinician productivity outside of practices also improved. Adding in detailed information to medical records using a mobile phone’s keypad was previously impossible, but with the help speech recognition, clinicians were able to easily log into patient records, dictate and update them in real-time.

Admin teams are no longer spending hours typing up dictated notes, which has freed up their time to be more involved in hands-on, one-on-one patient care - ultimately improving the patient experience. With increased productivity and efficiency across IVFAustralia, Associate Professor Illingworth encourages other healthcare professionals to experience Clinic to Cloud for themselves.


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