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Customer story

Dr Gideon Sandler

See how the Doctor App enables Dr Gideon Sandler to run his practice seamlessly across 15 locations.

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Dr Gideon Sandler

Surgical Oncologist, Head & Neck Surgeon, General Surgeon
Adults & Children

The Doctor App enabling simple multi-location practice management

Key Results

  1. Anytime anywhere access: Clinic to Cloud helped Dr Sandler manage his patients and practice on the go and supported his remote workflow needs.
  2. Paperless scalable solution: Dr Sandler moved away from inefficient clinical and practice management systems such as paper-based, DropBox and servers, to a highly scalable cloud based health software solution.
  3. Smart time-saving features: Voice recognition, multiple room management, appointment management and an easy to use Doctor App helped Dr Sandler streamline his workflow and open up more quality time to deliver patient care.

Surgical Oncologist, Head & Neck Surgeon and General Surgeon, Dr Gideon Sandler, treats adults and kids. As well as adult and paediatric general surgical conditions, Dr Sandler has subspecialty interests in melanoma, sarcoma, endocrine tumours, cancers of the head and neck and solid malignancies of childhood.

He recently opened his own practice, and like many busy surgeons, operates out of multiple locations within other medical practices, including Bondi Junction, Westmead, Wollongong and Orange. As such, it is vital he can manage his clinical notes remotely and liaise with various practice sites while on the go.

“I went into my own practice 20 months ago and I needed a software platform that was paperless, had a phone app, and operated from the cloud and not a server. Clinic to Cloud was the only software offering everything I specified."

"Once we implemented it, the benefits to my practice were immediate,” he says.

The Challenge

Before implementing Clinic to Cloud, Dr Sandler was trying to remotely book appointments while coordinating paper referrals and tests, but it was a challenge given he was working across traditional, paper-based practices. In order to manage his patient data, he was relying on uploading manually into a Dropbox. 

“I had never used a medical software before, but I knew I needed something to help streamline administration and appointments remotely,” he says. “Some of the practices I was working through were still using paper files and using manual appointment books, which made it all very time-consuming.”

The Solution

Dr Sandler spoke to colleagues for recommendations and quickly understood what he wanted from medical software. 

“Mobility was really important to me. Access from anywhere needed to be easy and it needed to be completely paperless, as was being able to communicate electronically with referrers and testing facilities,” he explains. 

“When I was looking for software, apart from having the flexibility to access my patient information from anywhere, I also wanted something that I could run multiple rooms from, and which had an app on my phone. All the other practice management software applications were server-based, or didn’t have a phone app - except for Clinic to Cloud. So it was a fairly easy decision to make, Clinic to Cloud ticked all the boxes for me.”

The Results

Dr Sandler found implementation easy, and the results and benefits were immediate.

“Clinic to Cloud was the only cloud-based practice management software with a phone app, and it has great functionality. I also don’t have to mess around with servers, or paper-based files, it’s highly streamlined and efficient, and the benefits to my practice were immediate. I would recommend Clinic to Cloud to any practice looking to operate in a more modern way,” he says.

Since moving to a cloud based software solution, Dr Sandler has also hired his own remote medical secretary, who can book all his appointments using Clinic to Cloud across multiple sites.

“Once my new secretary got onto Clinic to Cloud, she was all over it, she’s very IT literate and she loves using it. She’s now showing me all the things I can do with it!” he says.

Dr Sandler loves the voice recognition feature, and now can’t imagine operating his practice without Clinic to Cloud.

“The upgraded voice recognition software means I don't have to rely on a typist anymore, which is awesome.Now, my practice is paperless and appointments can be booked from anywhere, to any location. All the pathology and radiology results get delivered straight to the platform, so I don't have to go looking around for them before appointments. Linking with the multiple practices is straightforward to do, so everything I need just comes straight to me, no matter where I am.”


His secretary is now an avid fan, and has been encouraging other practices she works across to switch to Clinic to Cloud.

“She loves it,” he says. “In fact, the clinic she worked out of in Orange is going to implement Clinic to Cloud as well, because of the fantastic experience she’s had with it.”

“I’ve also found the team at Clinic to Cloud is very helpful and supportive, and they take on any feedback I have, it’s great,” he adds.


Features Dr Gideon Sandler loves

Integrated Voice Recognition Workflows

End-to-end letter dictation workflows all built within Clinic to Cloud, meaning letters can be sent on the same day as the consultation. 

The Doctor App

Dictating letters, reviewing investigation results, and communicating with the practice from anywhere, with the Doctor App.


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