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Our vision

Unlocking the future of healthcare

Our Vision

A tireless passion for healthcare innovation

Discover who we are, what we do, and why we are doing it

A trusted leader in cloud health solutions

At Clinic to Cloud, our passion is helping today’s in-demand health professionals deliver better patient care. That’s why we’ve designed a clinical and practice management system that is easy to use, mobile-enabled, and frees up time to focus on what is most important: the patient.

As an all-in-one clinical and practice management platform, Clinic to Cloud creates a powerful new ‘connected care ecosystem’ to optimise practice operations, improve financial performance, and deliver better patient experiences.

Thousands of healthcare professionals around Australia rely on Clinic to Cloud to become more efficient, patient-centric, and empowered through the power of connected care.

What our customers say

dr joseph
Dr Joseph Sgroi
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

"Clinic to Cloud provides me and my practice with the flexibility and accessibility I need in the 21st century.”

dr david
Dr. David Swartz

“Clinic to Cloud has revolutionised my practice, improved my workflow, and has had a positive impact on my work-life balance.”


Dr T.A. Sudhahar
Dr T.A. Sudhahar
Orthopaedic Surgeon

"I can record the operation notes, record pictures and even send the discharge letter from the clinic straight away, and that's it - all my work is done."

Our core values

We are tireless

We challenge the status quo, and are constantly pushing the boundaries of our technology and our thinking to deliver a truly innovative and evolving platform to serve the ever-changing needs of healthcare.

We are trusted

We believe that accountability, coupled with integrity and honesty, allows our company to be successful inside and out. Our customers trust us with their patient and clinical data, and we take this trust very seriously.

We are loyal

We are loyal to our vision, our people, and to our customers. We don’t settle for anything less than achieving a better future for healthcare, and we don’t obstruct our efforts with short-term tactics.

We are better together

We are revolutionising healthcare, and we recognise that we cannot do it alone. We value our industry partners, peers and advisors and the expertise that they bring.

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