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See why we're the leader in cloud practice management software

The Doctor App - Practice On the Go

Dictate or review letters
on the go

Integrated letter dictation workflows allow you to dictate letters in a fraction of the time it takes to write letters.

Secure, auditable communication with your practice

Never miss important updates with push notifications for abnormal results, messages and letters.

Doctor App
View your schedule from anywhere

View your day’s schedule and quickly find your free time availability - anytime, anywhere.

Upload images securely
and quickly

Capture images and documents and upload directly from within the Doctor App on your smartphone.

The Patient Portal - For Your Patients

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Increase your patient engagement with the Patient Portal

Enable patients to book and manage appointments, fill in registration forms, make payment, view clinical information, and upload referrals or documents from the Patient Portal.

Save time on paperwork

Patients can fill in registration forms, upload referrals, and book appointments online

Online payments

Receive patient payments directly from the Patient Portal, and stay on top of debt. 
(Coming soon)

The Platform - Advanced Dictation and Letter Workflows

Automated workflows (1)

Create more letters in less time

Track outstanding letters, dictate from anywhere, and trust on our smart end-to-end automated letter workflows to reduce your time to turnaround letters.

Never lose track of outstanding letters

Ease the paperwork burden with our Letters to Create ‘To Do List’, which helps you easily manage your letters.

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Send letters faster with intuitive workflows

Reduce your clicks with pre-filled letter recipients and templates, secure message and workflows.

Ready to grow your medical practice?

The Platform - Clinical Decision Support Tools

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Make better informed decisions at the point of care

Our integrated clinical decision support tools empower you with the information you need and ensure your clinical notes are always compliant.

MIMS integrated prescribing

MIMS integration notifies drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, and drug-to-pregnancy interactions, to help make better decisions.

Procedure management
checklists and alerts

Track outstanding pre-procedure checklist items to keep your procedures on track.

The Platform - Automatic Claiming

Bulk Claim

Save Time with Automatic Claiming

Reduce admin workload with automatic batch claiming for Medicare, DVA, and ECLIPSE.

In-Progress Claims
Easiliy View All Claims

Access all your in-progress, exceptions, and finalised claims in easy-to-read tabs.

Free Access to ECLIPSE

Receive free access to ECLIPSE without paying additional fees

Smart Time-Saving Features

Every Click Counts

Every click counts

Intuitive workflows, low-click shortcuts and mobile-enabled features means you cut costs, save time, and have more time to focus on patient-centred care.

Reduce clicks
Reduce clicks per consult

Create investigation requests
and print prescriptions
in 3 clicks.

Say goodbye to duplication

Save your most used templates, from regularly prescribed medications to common consult notes and fee estimates.

Securely Access and Manage Your Data

Data Security

Protect your data

Partnered with global leader in data security, Microsoft Azure, to protect your data to the highest standards. With unlimited storage, there’s no need to worry about running out of space.

flay system button
Automatic updates

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming server maintenance with our secure, automated software updates.

Two-factor authentication

Our two-factor authentication functionality means you have peace of mind that your sensitive data is protected at all times.

Download the Doctor App

Practice in the palm of your hands, with the Doctor App.

Download from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-based software is an application that can deliver all your practice needs effectively through a web browser without having to purchase or install any software or servers. This will reduce your IT burden and upfront cost.

As many as you need, adding a new location takes a just few clicks.

Clinic to Cloud is device agnostic, and we support most major operating systems and devices. Our recommendation is that you work with your IT provider to ensure that your operating systems are up to date, have antivirus software installed and are able to be connected to the internet with one of the major web-browsers installed on them.


At Clinic to Cloud, we have data security in our DNA. We are backed by the Australian Government-certified Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and we use the latest security technology available, ensuring all your data is backed up and protected 24/7.

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Dr Joseph Sgroi

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