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Adapting practice management through the pandemic and beyond

Clinic to Cloud
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Practice Management
Starting a medical practice brings both excitement and challenges to business owners. However being an ‘owner’ of a practice requires more than being …
Cloud and Innovation, Clinical Insights, Patient Experience
Patient-centred care is critical for optimising health outcomes, particularly as the pandemic continues to increase the pressure to maintain quality p…
Practice Management
Growing a practice against the ever-changing backdrop of COVID-19 requires more than just great practice management, but the right frameworks, systems…
Patient Experience
In this article, we discuss five ways you can enhance clinical and practice processes to deliver quality patient-centred care during the COVID-19 pand…
Clinical Insights
During this moment in history where many of us will be affected personally and professionally, I did not foresee a world where the private specialist …
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Cloud and Innovation
There are many lessons that can be drawn from the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) — learned because in times of crisis we draw from adversity a…
Cloud and Innovation
Staying connected with your patients has never been so important, or more difficult during this unprecedented pandemic. Fortunately, finding new ways …
Cloud and Innovation
Technology is threaded through our lives, influencing the way we interact, solve problems and make decisions. We no longer second guess the necessity …
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