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Why your clinic needs a Chief Patient Experience Officer

‘Customer Experience’ was once considered a buzzword by many businesses. Some considered it to be a passing fad while others were unclear on how to apply the concept. However, it has quickly become one of most critical differentiators for companies today. No matter what the industry, the better the customer experience, the more customers the business will attract and retain.

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The Importance of Clinician Leadership in Healthcare

Throughout a clinician's education, most of their training is focused on the medical aspects of their profession. From learning how to treat patients with care and empathy, to building the hard skills that can save lives. Rarely are clinical leadership skills included. With today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, leadership and business acumen are not only becoming favorable traits, but are required for clinicians pursuing a successful career.

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Volume vs. Value: Creating Efficiencies by Focusing on Patient Outcomes

The costs of being a healthcare provider are on the rise, combine that with higher demand from patients for a more personalised and affordable service and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to run a financially viable organisation. As such, clinics and physicians need to look for new strategies and patient care models to increase efficiency and relieve the pressure on their bottom line.

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[Infographic] A Prescription for Change: How Technology Can Reduce the Rates of Physician Burnout

It’s a well-known fact that physicians work long hours. Combine that with the fast-paced, high stress environment, they often find themselves burning out at much higher rates than the average working professional. Here's a deeper dive into what this looks like and the steps the healthcare industry can take to reduce burnout and ultimately improve patient care in the long term.

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How to efficiently use the ever-growing amount of digital data in healthcare

It's hard not to notice the ever increasing growth of healthcare related data in recent years. Despite the numerous advantages of EMRs–improved quality of care, patient involvement and satisfaction, anticipated time savings–EMRs often come with their own set of challenges.

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Why healthcare organisations need to start thinking like consumer brands

The Age of Information has changed us all. Unprecedented access to information has transformed the way we think and behave. People are becoming more diligent and informed in their decision making, whether it be for everyday purchases or lifesaving medical treatment. With greater understanding and autonomy, comes a desire for greater personalisation, convenience and transparency — so what does that mean for businesses today?

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4 Strategies To Free Up Time For Patient Care By Improving Medical Practice Efficiency

Medical practices are constantly understaffed and overbooked. Whether you run your own clinic or manage several, you know first hand what it’s like to see waiting rooms filled with an endless influx of patients―and how it may feel impossible for your physicians and support staff to cope with the demand.

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3 Signs Your Practice Management Software Will Support You In The Long Term

Finding the right practice management software is a major decision. After all, you’re putting your business and your patients personal information in the hands of a single provider; and that requires a significant level of trust.

Unfortunately, you can’t always have that level of trust. What happens if your provider suddenly goes out of business? How do you know you and your client's information is secure?

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How To Hire Non-Clinical Staff: 9 Interview Questions You Should Ask

Whether you’re opening a practice in the New Year, expanding your team or replacing a leaving staff member, finding the right people is a necessary challenge. The right team members equip your practice to thrive and enhance your patients’ experience overall — so there’s a lot riding on the hiring process!

To help you effectively filter candidates and pinpoint those with the most potential for your practice, we’ve gathered an essential list of interview questions to ask healthcare professionals during the hiring process.

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8 Considerations For Opening A Medical Practice In 2017

The good news — 2017 offers big things for ambitious practice owners in the making. New legislation, latest tech trends and innovative medical treatments can help you to pave the way for better patient care and innovative practice management.

As we all know, there’s more than medical expertise needed for starting a medical practice from the ground up. There’s a plethora of business know how necessary to hit the ground running in 2017 and set up your profitable practice for success.

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