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Dr Joseph Macdessi

MBBS, DCH, FRACP, Masters (ClinEpi) Consultant Physician and VMO Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

Why Dr Macdessi Engaged Clinic To Cloud

Dr Macdessi recognised the need for an innovative practice management platform that could be accessed from multiple locations to support him and his team in delivering efficient, patient focused care.


  • To meet the expectation from parents and patients to have copies of clinical correspondence within 24-48 hours.
  • To overcome difficulties accessing patient information from multiple practice locations.
  • To avoid administrative staff spending valuable time on unnecessary data entry.

WiSE Medical Clinic challenges

"The time that my staff now spend on editing letters, rather than typing them from fresh, has improved their work load and work experience."

Dr Joseph Macdessi
Letters are now created and shared within 24-48 hours.


Reduced letter turnaround times with speech recognition

By leveraging Clinic To Cloud's speech recognition technology, dictated information is automatically formatted in to structured letters; greatly reducing the time spent by administrative staff on editing and preparing letters to be sent. The time spent tracking lost letters has also been greatly reduced. 

Ultimately, Dr Macdessi and his team feel better supported and are able to spend more time focused on patient care.


"For parents and patients, Voice Recognition has given them their letter on their dinner table, so to speak, within the day."

Dr Joseph Macdessi

"As a clinician, I feel better supported"

Dr Joseph Macdessi

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