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Tamara Private Hospital

How Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Sudhahar and Practice Manager, Richelle Bond introduced Clinic to Cloud to Tamara Private Hospital and increased workplace versatility and accessibility


Why Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Sudhahar, Uses Clinic to Cloud


Challenges faced

Dr T.A. Sudhahar is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon, currently working in Tamworth at Tamara Private Hospital and Tamworth Rural Hospital. His passion for helping others has contributed to his need to provide his patients with the highest quality healthcare and experience.

When Dr Sudhahar, along with Practice Manager, Richelle Bond, arrived at a medical practice with thousands of paper files and frantic clinicians and administration staff, they knew something needed to change. Through his holistic approach to medicine and everyday life, Dr Sudhahar decided he needed to find a solution that would understand his need to improve patient experience, whilst on the go. 

  • Lack of accessibility to information and communication

  • Thousands of paper files, making it difficult to access patient information quickly and efficiently.

Read on for what occurred when Dr Sudhahar and his team found Clinic to Cloud.

I can easily see anytime any patient's record without a paper copy. I can record the operation notes, record pictures and even send the discharge letter from the clinic straight away, and that's it - all my work is done.

Dr T.A. Sudhahar Orthopaedic Surgeon
More secure

"In my office, you will hardly see any documents. Everything is now online and it is highly secure."

Positive outcomes

Working on the go for increased accessibility and versatility

Dr Sudhahar instantly noticed a decrease in paperwork and increase in accessibility. Before Clinic to Cloud, he would be chasing after paperwork and waiting on discharge letters to be communicated, causing increased stress for himself, his patients and administrative staff. Now his days are smoother and more efficient.

Through the use of Clinic to Cloud's mobile application, Dr Sudhahar's work processes are now as unique as his everyday work is, from consultations; examinations to treatment and surgery.

Smarter and more accessible procedure management.

Productivity outside of practice was also improved through Clinic to Cloud's personalised checklists, reminders and workflow configurations that suited his own needs. Dr Sudhahar also leveraged our e-task feature so he could provide a complete audit trail that allows teams to mitigate risk and stay in control.

Practice manager, Richelle Bond, is no longer chasing up no-shows. Through the use of our intuitive reporting features, she is now provided with visibility on all booked and unbooked procedures allowing Richelle to better manage patient outcomes and the practice’s financial performance, even when on the go.

Smart recall reminders and automation

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