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Customer story

Intuition Private

Read how Karina Wright, Practice Manager has implemented workflows that save time for Doctors and Support staff alike, simplifying  administrative tasks and allowing time for a more personalised patient experience.

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PRACTICE MANAGER, Intuition Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Key results

Clinic to Cloud has helped Intuition Private to:
  1. Use the integrated Voice Recognition workflow to reduce the letter-writing process from 15 steps to 6 steps
  2. Save an hour a day by using the scanned documents feature
  3. Reallocate time: Doctors no longer have to come in on a Saturday just to do paperwork, and both Doctors and Admin staff feel they can devote more attention to patients in the clinic

Intuition Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology offers expert medical care for women on The Central Coast. They listen, provide assistance, education and compassion for women and their partners who are navigating some of the most precious times of their lives.

Since its formation nearly five years ago, its three doctors and multiple midwives have helped thousands of women with a range of services specialised to individual needs.

The Challenge

Intuition Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology chose Clinic to Cloud as its practice management system when it first opened nearly five years ago because of its cloud-based capabilities.

Karina Wright is the Practice Manager, who has been with Intuition since the start. She is responsible for the running of the practice, providing strategic guidance and direction, overseeing operations and supports the highly-skilled team with the day to day tasks of the practice. She says a positive patient experience is important and because the practice is wonderfully busy, the least amount of time taken to do a task and get the same result is vital to them.

“We have actually used Clinic to Cloud since the start, having not used any other program here at Intuition Private. It was a conscious decision, as we wanted a cloud-based system we could use from anywhere, and we didn’t want to mess around with a server-based system and all the problems it contains,” Karina says

“It was important from the mobility side of things that we have a cloud-based system so that it can be accessed by the doctors from home, on the run and over at the hospital in between patients. It has been absolutely invaluable to us, particularly during COVID.”

The Solution

Implementing Clinic to Cloud was seamless, says Karina, and involved moving all three doctors across to the one system.

“We came to Clinic to Cloud early in the system’s inception, as one of its initial practices. Clinic to Cloud provided training for what was a small team then, and for each receptionist, midwife and doctor that have since joined,” Karina explains.

Beyond the initial set up, Karina reports each update to Clinic to Cloud’s features also helped the practice immensely to save both time and money.

“Clinic to Cloud also helped with onboarding sessions and with tutorials. We didn’t know, initially, the ins and outs of all the features of the program, and having those presentations and informative videos were super handy for us in that initial setup,” Karina adds.

The Results

Intuition Private Obstetrics and Gynaecology has saved at least an hour a day in time, simply by using Clinic to Cloud to change the way it uploads scanned documents. Combined with secure messaging, voice recognition, and other aspects of the software, the practice staff can ensure they spend most of their time on patient experience, instead of doing administrative tasks.

“Voice recognition is one feature we have jumped on board with more recently because we wanted to streamline the number of steps it takes to do letters, as they are a very arduous process for everyone,” Karina explains. “There were just so many steps involved, whether it be uploading the dictations for editing, downloading them upon sending back, making final edits, adding them to the software, managing the word documents or even faxing them off to our referrers.”

“Another aspect I like is that we get emails for bookings from patients or via SMS after hours on the non-surgical side and also surgical side. So, being able to have access to our appointment schedule from anywhere, at any time, is fantastic. I can check our appointments, see what is available and get back to the client immediately. And I think in this day and age, this kind of patient service is essential.”

“Thanks to Clinic to Cloud’s voice recognition feature, what used to take about 15 steps to get a letter out has been reduced to about six steps, which is amazing,” Karina says.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Peta Skilbeck at Intuition Health adds that since making the switch to letter writing using voice recognition, she would never go back to legacy letter writing processes.

“I'm loving the Clinic to Cloud VR process. I don't have to come in now on a Saturday morning, just to do my doctor's letters! The accuracy for me has been very high, and I’m glad we made the switch,” Dr Peta Skilbeck says.

Dr Peta Skilbeck
Dr Peta Skilbeck
BMedSc, MBBS, FRANZCOG Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Intuition Private Obstetrics and Gyneacology

“I think some doctors don’t want to use it because it involves change, or they think it won’t be accurate, or it will be too hard to use. But once I decided I was willing to make that change and to try the voice recognition process, I was so glad I did. I would never go back to the old way of doing letters.”

“We recently discovered we can upload any documents directly from our scanner and it goes directly into Clinic to Cloud!”

Before using this feature, Karina outlines they would scan the document into the computer, rename it, log data, put it into a folder, then staff would have to enter each individual file, open it, unlock it, upload the document, manually put the date in and then close it.

“We used to scan and store documents manually for four years. But upon utilising the scanning feature, we’ve reduced a 9-step time-intensive process to a simple two-step process. The time this has saved us would be at least an hour per day,” Karina says.

The practice is also now using the secure messaging feature, so the doctors can usually send referrals and letters electronically and securely, rather than having to do it via fax. All this time saving and more secure patient communication ensures Intuition Private is providing an optimum level of patient experience every step of the way.

“I know of practices that are very labour intensive with their administration, so the staff don't feel that they have the ability to provide that premium level of patient experience,” Karina adds. “But using Clinic to Cloud to centralise everything and really condense the number of steps needed to do admin ensures we can provide an exceptional patient experience and foster a positive work culture within our practice.”

“Thanks to Clinic to Cloud, streamlining our workflow has changed our whole day, because we have time to focus most on our patients. A high level of clinical care and service engagement is truly important. So for us, having to do less admin gives us the ability to have a chat with a patient for 10 minutes, if that's what they want to do, Karina says.”

Features Intuition Private love

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The Voice Recognition tool

Not only do the team at the Intuition Private save time on a daily basis when producing letters but Dr Skilbeck loves that using the Clinic to Cloud VR process means she no longer needs to attend the clinic on Saturday mornings to complete her doctor's letters.

Streamlined processes allowing more time for patients

Clinic to Cloud's streamlined and integrated features for processing letters, scanning documents, secure messaging, and voice recognition means the practice staff can ensure they spend more of their time attending to their patients, instead of doing administrative tasks, thereby providing a premium level of patient experience

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