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Dr Niranjan Sritharan

Ear Nose Throat & Neck and Head Surgeon

“We chose Clinic To Cloud and we use it for scheduling, clinical consulting through to billing both in and out patients.”

Dr Niranjan Sritharan

Ear Nose Throat & Neck and Head Surgeon


  1. Inability to access patient records and results when out of the office.

  2. Systems not as suited to mobile or tablet devices.

  3. Managing scheduling, consultations and billing of patients.



As a busy ENT Head & Neck surgeon I wanted a system that gave me a modern interface, versatility and ease of access to patient records and results, especially when out of the office on operating days and away at conferences.

As one of the early adopters of the technology, I found the team responsive and attentive to initial hurdles in the onboarding process. I now enjoy some great functionality in my practice on Clinic To Cloud and especially more from my iPhone.

Does Dr Sritharan's story sound familiar?

Every clinical practice in Australia could benefit from a fully featured cloud based system.

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