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Walk-In Specialist Emergency (WiSE) Clinic

How the WiSE Clinic leveraged technology to facilitate collaboration patient care and increase efficiency.

Why WiSE Engaged Clinic To Cloud 

The WiSE Clinic offers comprehensive care for acute illness and injury by bridging the gap between the Hospital Emergency Room and a General Practice. 

Recognising the need for innovative technology to help in the delivery of patient-centred care, WiSE engaged Clinic To Cloud to connect patients and specialists in a single platform. 


  • To bridge the gap between a general practice and an emergency department.
  • To provide efficient, patient-centred care when accessing acute care within the community.
  • To alleviate the pressures of time constraints, lack of resources and the reduction  of one-to-one patient interaction.
WiSE Medical Clinic challenges
Dr Pankaj Arora

“The healthcare industry is overwhelmed with the pressure of the needs of people and to provide them with care efficiently.”

Dr. Pankaj Arora
Founder and CEO, Walk In Specialist Emergency Clinic
Clinic to Cloud's central platform ensures quality care, through streamlining processes and

involving patients in their own care.


Delivering Efficient, Patient Centred Care

Clinic to Cloud helped the WiSE Clinic to create efficient processes that involve patients in their individual care journey. Patients are engaged on a central platform with all the right information in their hands. They are able to book appointments and review recent test results at their convenience.


"Patient centered care is all about options - when they want to be seen, where they want to be seen and how they want to be seen."

Dr. Pankaj Arora,
Founder and CEO, Walk-In Specialist Emergency Clinic
Easier Collaboration Between Departments

The WiSE Clinic is a complex and fast paced emergency medical facility that offers a wide range of services including radiology, pathology, dentistry and ophthalmology.

The Clinic to Cloud platform provided a solution that allows the multiple departments to communicate with each other efficiently, without duplication or delay.

CTC WiSE Case Study Testimonial
Kate Robertson

"The WiSE Clinic has multiple disciplines that are all using the platform. It is all in one place and each discipline can communicate with each other.

It's also a platform for the patients to access all their correspondence as well for the continuity of care."

Kate Robertson
Business Manager, Walk In Specialist Emergency Clinic

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