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How Nicole Cooper used Clinic to Cloud health software to help turn her terminal cancer diagnosis around

November 16, 2020

For Nicole Cooper, 2017 was going to be a big year, she had just given birth to her son and excelling in her career, little did she know that she was also going to get a cancer diagnosis that would change her life.

At the age of 32, Nicole was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 18 months to live. However, she decided to get a second opinion - which saved her life.

A second opinion and a new treatment plan managed through cloud software

To obtain this information, Nicole utilised Clinic to Cloud’s Patient Portal that stored all her patient data.

Diagnosed with Metastatic bowel cancer, after further testing doctors discovered it had spread to her liver and lungs. Her new doctors administered six rounds of chemotherapy and she was given the advice to workout while undergoing treatment.

She told 9Honey being able to have all her information stored in the Clinic to Cloud Patient Portal was "really game changing" for her outlook.

Reducing patient stress and anxiety

Clinic to Cloud's Patient Portal enables patients to book and manage appointments, fill in registration forms, view clinical information, and upload referrals or documents - all in the one secure app.

This gives patients information at their hands, reducing anxiety and confusion when it comes to booking appointments and understanding their diagnosis.


Patryk Kania, Chief Operating Officer at Clinic to Cloud says while patients are anxious and distressed right now, they can become empowered in managing their own health using technology.

“What's interesting here is that 50% of practices are seeing an increase in patient confusion, appointment confusion, and no shows. Now, this particular point is an issue for any specialty. Creating better engagement, smarter workflows helps to solve this problem," he says.

Clinic to Cloud’s CEO, Rafic Habib, says when it comes to managing patient care and high pressure healthcare scenarios, communication is key. And tools like Clinic to Cloud’s Patient Portal, allow you to better engage with your patients and help them manage their treatment plans in a far more interactive and connected way.

“The more you communicate, then the better are your chances of reducing the anxiety for the patient,” he adds. “In order to heighten the communication, lead with heart. Be clear and precise and be empathetic. Know that everyone's under the same level of pressure and stress.”

Nicole is cancer free today and if it wasn't that second opinion, that might not be the case.

Nicole Cooper's story was featured in 9Honey. Read it here. Her Instagram where she blogs her progress can be found here

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