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2020 Report: Building a Better Practice Beyond COVID-19

Administrative burden, declining margins and income, and the anxiety and stress of healthcare practitioners, staff, and patients - have always been significant issues in this country.

Clinic to Cloud surveyed over 200 practitioners and practice managers to uncover the key challenges in private practice today, and how technology can help strengthen and support practices now and beyond the pandemic.

Read this white paper if you want to discover:

  • Smart time-saving tips for a busy practice
  • Key tips to alleviate patient anxiety and stress
  • Automation workflow strategies to improve efficiency
  • Why continuity of care is critical now more than ever
  • How the ‘fourth wave’ of digital health evolution will shape the industry
  • What the future of digital healthcare looks like

Complete with expert interviews with some of Australia’s leading practitioners, practice managers and thought leaders, this report is a must-read for any health professional today.

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Join Kenna Jefferson, Business Manager at ENT Newcastle, as she uncovers the findings of Clinic to Cloud’s latest survey, Building a Better Practice Beyond COVID-19 and how to thrive - now, and beyond, COVID-19.

Kenna Jefferson
Kenna Kefferson
Business Manager
ENT Newcastle
  • Learn why automation, collaborative and intuitive workflow solutions are critical now, more than ever
  • Understand some simple time-saving tips for busy practice managers
  • Discover the importance of safer, secure and speedy payment processing
  • Learn how to reduce patient appointment confusion, no shows and anxiety
  • Discuss how the pandemic has propelled forward a new digital revolution in Australian medical practice

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