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Adapting practice management through the pandemic and beyond

Clinic to Cloud
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Patient Experience
Press Release Pulse+IT 24 March 2021 With the Clinic to Cloud Patient Portal, patients can now use their smartphone to pre-register with a practice, m…
Practice Management, Patient Experience, Business and Finance
Owing partly to regulatory and ethical constraints, it can be difficult to grow your practice in a sustainable and creative fashion… but with overhead…
Patient Experience
For Nicole Cooper, 2017 was going to be a big year, she had just given birth to her son and excelling in her career, little did she know that she was …
Cloud and Innovation, Clinical Insights, Patient Experience
Patient-centred care is critical for optimising health outcomes, particularly as the pandemic continues to increase the pressure to maintain quality p…
Patient Experience
In this article, we discuss five ways you can enhance clinical and practice processes to deliver quality patient-centred care during the COVID-19 pand…
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Patient Experience
We all understand the importance of confidentiality in the healthcare industry, but maintaining a working knowledge of current and projected security …
Patient Experience
The cost of delivering value-based healthcare in Australia is on the rise as a result of patients becoming more confident in demanding personalised, a…
Patient Experience
Securing a steady stream of new and returning patients is a crucial part of championing ongoing growth for your clinic. As a society, we are increasin…
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