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Here are 7 tips on how to stay connected with your patients

Staying connected with your patients has never been so important, or more difficult during this unprecedented pandemic. Fortunately, finding new ways to connect practices with patients has always been our key motivator at Clinic to Cloud. We have pulled some of the best brains from the business to share their tips and tricks of how our customers are continuing quality care with limited face-to-face interactions:

"I recommend clinicians use the Doctor App on their iPad and visit quarantined patients in the car park rather than risk infection within the waiting room." 

Sarah Larsen, Sales - QLD

"Practices should activate Patient Portal for all of their new patients so they can complete their registrations and upload referral letters online through the Patient Portal rather than handle paper in reception." 

Will Street, Operations - SA

"Rescheduling non-critical appointments or elective surgeries seem to be the way to clear a schedule for a doctor in high demand. Batch SMS and email notifications are helpful, especially if the option to rebook is available through the Patient Portal."

Monika Da Silva, Customer Experience - NSW

"In the product team, we're consistently monitoring any changes to Medicare and DVA fee schedules to ensure our customers have the most up to date information to allow for efficient billing of Telehealth item numbers."

Bec Price, Product - NSW

"Our clinicians are geared to perform Telehealth consults with the Doctor App, which provides true mobility. Doctors can log in from anywhere at any time to request pathology, radiology, scripts and bill the COVID-19 MBS and DVA item numbers through our system."

Sylvia Victor, Sales - VIC

"Practice's who already had digital communication consent within their patient registration process are smart. They're exporting lists from Clinic to Cloud to use in their regular email tool (eg. Outlook or MailChimp) to provide COVID-19 updates to large groups of patients."

Gabrielle Benn, Customer Experience - QLD

"Updating the messaging in automated appointment reminders helps set the right expectations for patients. In addition to the usual 'Your appointment is coming up' text, it is wise to include information about proper COVID-19 conduct within the waiting room."

Jastine Hernandez, Customer Experience - NSW


We will continue sharing new ways of how practices can stay connected as this situation progresses. Please provide your details, and our team will be in touch to conduct an online demo so your practice can introduce new efficiencies and stay connected. 

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Belinda Neville
Belinda is passionate about improving the accessibility and success of global healthcare. Through educating medical professionals and scientists on innovative solutions designed to improve patient outcomes, she has seen first hand how technology can directly impact the quality of life for patients and their families.