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The latest news featuring Clinic to Cloud

CIO from IDG

17 December, 2018 

Why our healthcare sector is still technologically dysfunctional. The current status quo of where the sharing of timely critical, clinical data often needed at the point of care is almost non-existent, says Rafic Habib.
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ABC News Online

7 December, 2018 

Experts say My Health Record is 10 years out of date and other countries have abandoned similar systems.
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Clinic to Cloud and Tyro: A Partnership of Shared Values for Greater Patient Care

21 November, 2018

Disruption is now a tool for rethinking business, and Clinic to Cloud has set about redefining healthcare administration with a range of services and tools. 

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Australia Financial Review

5 November, 2018 

No Netflix moment in the world of healthcare disrupters
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29 October, 2018 

New laws must be enacted for greater healthcare services
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