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Clinical and practice management software that empowers your care team

Clinic to Cloud is designed to improve your financial performance and deliver better patient engagement. Manage your patient flow, billings, locations, and communicate with your clinicians.

mobile app for practice management software
practice management software

Why Clinic to Cloud?

We understand the private medical practice and the way Clinicians operate. We focus on smart workflows to help optimise the day-to-day, whether you are billing a patient, consulting, or operating. Clinic to Cloud has teams of people focused on reviewing, designing and improving all aspects of the medical practice from the way you book a patient to the reporting and healthcare outcomes.

optimised practice operations

Optimised practice operations

Clinic to Cloud is designed for doctors, practice teams and patients to all use one centralised platform, facilitating a seamless workflow from day one.

better patient experience

Better patient experience

Patients are empowered with convenient appointment scheduling, 24/7 access to a patient portal, access to shared information and shorter waiting times.

improved financial performance for medical practices

Improved financial performance

Clinic to Cloud offers the advanced financial reporting required to grow a medical practice. It also facilitates seamless bulk billing and Medicare rebates. 

Practices of all sizes choose Clinic to Cloud

From specialists and GP teams to multidisciplinary clinics and allied health.

Dr David Swartz


"Clinic to Cloud has revolutionised my practice, improved my workflow, and had a positive impact on my work-life balance.”

Rafic Habib - Clinic To Cloud BW


Less Admin, More Patients

Streamline your practice’s entire workflow

Integrated, medical grade voice-to-text technology, automated reminders and referral letter templates can streamline practice communications, and save doctors and admin teams valuable time. Information can be created and shared in real-time through the platform.

  • Full suite of clinical tools
  • Financial Reporting
  • Voice-to-text technology
  • Predictable costs

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Medical practice management software

Patient Engagement

Cohesion between clinicians, admin and patients

Clinic to Cloud comes complete with an online patient portal, enabling patients to provide their personal profile information ahead of their first visit. At their doctor’s discretion patients can view referral letters, imagery or pathology results, fee estimates and more, 24/7. 

  • Patient registration and engagement 
  • Patients can book and manage their appointments
  • Publish clinical information to Patients
  • Financial history and ability to print

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secure cloud medical practice software

Secure Patient Records

Safe and secure data protection

We take security seriously and have deployed state of the art technology to ensure your practice data is safer than ever.  Backed by the Australian Government certified Microsoft Azure platform, Clinic to Cloud includes state of the art features such as: 

  • 24/7 Platform monitoring 
  • 99.99% Uptime across 2 data centers
  • Continuous, automatic data backups
  • Two-factor Authentication 

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Grow your medical practice with us

Smarter healthcare starts with an easy to deploy and easy to use practice and clinical management platform. We want to be part of your success.

Our partners are your partners. We choose ours carefully to ensure we are adding value to you.

Every partner integration is designed to add value to your practice and the way you do business or communicate with your patients. We are committed to making the day-to-day management of a medical practices easier, more efficient and more cost effective. We will continue to partner with businesses and applications that help your practice deliver smarter healthcare. 

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