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Empowering growth and efficiency in multidisciplinary clinics


Improve Governance & Risk Management

Our intuitive platform increases your efficiency, reduces clinical risk and improves visibility of performance by providing a single source of patient data that is available across your entire organisation. Take control of your business, better support your teams, and ensure every patient receives the timely and personalised care they need.

Smart recall reminders and automation
Smart recall reminders and
Mobile app with full suite of tools
Comprehensive audit trail
Comprehensive audit trail
Patient portal

"I would recommend it. From a medical and legal perspective, it represents a great step forward and it is possibly the best product that I have come across."

Associate Professor Peter Illingworth Medical Director, IVFAustralia
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Streamlined Operations Management

Adopt the collaborative, scalable platform that keeps everyone on the same page, across multiple locations and clinics. Seamless integrations with Easyclaim, ECLIPSE, Xero and more help to automate and streamline your everyday operations. 

Multi practice, location and provider scheduler
Organisational reporting
Organisational reporting
Integrated clinical sharing
Integrated clinical sharing
Low cost of entry
Low cost of entry

"The WiSE Clinic has multiple disciplines that are all using the platform. It is all in one place and each discipline can communicate with each other. It's also a platform for the patients to access all their correspondence as well for the continuity of care."

Kate Robertson Business Manager, Walk-In Specialist Emergency Clinic
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Improve your patient experience

Our secure, collaborative platform assists clinicians and their teams with all the information they need, when they need it. Seamless information flow ensures your clinics provide the highest quality patient experience, with continuity of care ensured.

"Patient centered care is all about options - when they want to be seen, where they want to be seen and how they want to be seen."

Dr. Pankaj Arora Founder and CEO, Walk-In Specialist Emergency Clinic
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