What does it take to build a better future in healthcare?

It’s clear we all have a long way to go to better support both doctors and patients, and as we move further into the fourth wave of technological uptake in the healthcare sector, it is technology that will make the difference.

Building a better future for healthcare lies in the better use of technology. Using technology, there are many efficiencies to be gained, which will translate into significant cost and time savings for the practice and their patients.

In our recent Clinic to Cloud Survey 2020: Building a Better Practice Beyond COVID-19, we looked at the three pillars of healthcare which are the founded tenets of our brand.

These pillars are better information at the point of care, patient engagement and connectivity.

Better information at the point of care

This pillar is about getting the latest and most important information into Clinicians’ hands wherever they might be working. As well as into the hands of support staff and patients, to better support and protect everyone, empower patients in their own care, and help doctors be more efficient.

Patient engagement

The patient more than ever wants to be involved in their patient care journey. They don’t choose to be sick but when they get sick, they want the best possible care and they want to be involved. In today’s world, a practice that doesn’t engage with patients, will lose them.


The Australian healthcare system is built on referrals and this is even more important in private practice. With that in mind, we see a world where a patient sees a GP, who then refers them to another specialist, and then that specialist refers them to a hospital - that whole journey is connected. When we create that connectivity we also create continuity of care across the sector. This, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful ways in which I see Clinic to Cloud adding value to the sector.

Through the power of technology, and the cloud, we can make lives better for doctors, their staff and their patients.

Read more insights in Clinic to Cloud’s recent survey, 2020 Survey: Building a better practice beyond COVID-19. Download your free copy here.

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Rafic Habib
Rafic Habib is the Founder and CEO of Clinic to Cloud. Rafic has spent almost two decades in the healthcare technology industry and has a unique appreciation for the level of pressure and intensity the sector falls under in both private and public practice. Rafic identified the opportunity to leverage technology to optimise practice operations, improve patient experiences and improve the financial performances of clinics.
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