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Medical practice

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Practice Management

Opening a medical practice in 2019? Here are 10 things to consider

Starting a medical practice is an exciting and rewarding endeavour. This blog is designed to help you navigate the ever-changing Australian medical landscape whilst setting up your own business. In order for you to be the best clinician you can be, it is important to have the business aspects under control; we call this “practice fitness”. 

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Practice Management

Your medical practice's secret to success: The 4 essentials of a profitable business plan

As a young fellow or a seasoned practitioner, opening your own medical practice is a compelling aspiration that you want to make a reality. Make no mistake: being a great doctor is not enough to create a successful business. Today’s medical practice owners must blend business know-how with their medical expertise to champion a profitable organisation around their unique vision.

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Practice Management

Starting a medical practice? Turn our 2017 learnings into your 2018 success

Thinking about setting up your own medical practice? Without doubt, 2018 is bursting with potential for medical practice owners. We’ve explored the latest legislation, industry trends and insights, so you can turn our 2017 learnings into your 2018 success. Here's what we've learnt.

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Practice Management

Finishing your fellowship? 5 ways to prepare for private practice

After many years of hard work, you’re finally reaching the culmination of your medical training and chances are you’re weighing up options for your next move. While a common choice for a young fellow is to work in an established clinic or retain a post at a hospital, you may decide take the leap set up your own private practice. It’s a challenging road for any medical professional, especially so for new graduates — but it can be done and the rewards are significant.

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Medical Practice

Four tips for managing stress and burnout in Oncology

There’s never a dull moment in the day of an oncology clinic — you’re at the forefront of helping patients navigate the daunting and painful waters of cancer and recovery. With life saving innovations emerging each year, the chance of recovery for many patients increases.

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Inspiring TED talks celebrating new medical technologies

The innovations that could change medicine are emerging in waves, and it’s reason enough for medical practitioners worldwide to celebrate. The way we provide patient care is changing — recent medical innovations mean that a cure for cancer, a concussion or other common ailments could be just around the corner. Here’s the latest mix of new medical technologies to inspire your day.

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Practice Management

Actionable ways to keep your medical staff motivated

With so many management tasks to complete at a practice day to day, feeling overwhelmed is understandable, but there are positive steps you can take to change that.

There are ways of empowering your team while also improving medical practice staff performance. We’ve compiled some actionable steps to keep your staff motivated, through focusing on empowering, equipping and encouraging.

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Data Security

How to prevent EHR security breaches

Under Australian law, your practice’s obligations to patient care extends further than your physical practice — it includes the way you care for their private information. Electronic health record security issues are a real problem for the industry and it’s important to implement reasonable measures for keeping everything and everyone safe.

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Progress report

Firstly thank you for many good wishes for my two years  anniversary as CEO of Clinic To Cloud. It's a nice way to start the  day on a professional level.

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Opening a medical Practice?

Opening your own medical practice is a rewarding endeavour. As a new business owner, you'll need to establish efficient processes and smart finances. This practical guide aims to streamline your operations and simplify your finances, from day one.

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