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Procedure Management: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

In this blog article, our Professional Education Manager, Cheryl, shares her insights on how Procedure management is critical to your practice's success.

Procedure management is an essential part of patient-centric care and needs to be adopted in every surgical practice, large or small. As more Doctors switch between the public and private healthcare system, it is crucial to maximise the time/value ratio for yourself, your administrative team, your doctor and finally, your patient. 

The procedure management workflow is critical as it is a:  

  • complex administrative workflow  
  • considerable source of revenue generation 
  • threshold for your patient. At this point in time, they will reflect on their experience and decide if they wish to proceed.

The process of recommending a procedure through to confirming the procedure is a critical juncture in the patient journey. To ensure you can preserve your patient's experience whilst also maintain the practice's revenue . A strong reporting module will be invaluable to the outcome of the business. 

In the business world, organisations are accustomed to utilising Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools that allow them to nurture customers along the customer buying journey. Transforming this norm into the healthcare space through our 'Procedure management module' has been enlightening as the number of Doctors in private practice is growing exponentially.

Patients are becoming more informed of their choices and hence it is no longer enough to expect patients to simply walk into your clinic without deploying a more holistic patient engagement strategy by triggering further proactive care.

For busy procedural practices, following up on pending quotes for surgery is a task that can seem daunting from an administrative perspective.

Apart from acting quickly because there is a duty of care, there is also an overarching successful result achieved when patients confirm a time for surgery if they were happy and clear with the messaging they received.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

As such, by not routinely reviewing, auditing and analysing your outstanding quotes and booked procedures, you leave your business at serious risk of failing. Failing to satisfy your patient but also failing to generate revenue.  

Having a procedure management reporting module such as ours will enable you to efficiently:

  • Review your outstanding quotes, chase up patients and book in revenue.
  • Identify next steps for confirmed procedures to ensure you can successfully prepare and deliver on the patient expectations. 

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Cheryl Ladikos
Cheryl is the Professional Education Manager at Clinic to Cloud and has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry with 10 years’ experience as a Practice Manager for private specialist clinics. She has also worked in other areas ranging from hospitals, medical device sales, case management for Workers’ Compensation, and training roles. She has a passion for sharing knowledge, having an inclusive environment, solving problems, and ensuring that everyone adopts a growth mindset. As a Registered Nurse with a Master of Business Administration, she curates and delivers educational content which is both clinically and commercially driven.
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