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Data security

Data Security

How to prevent EHR security breaches

Under Australian law, your practice’s obligations to patient care extends further than your physical practice — it includes the way you care for their private information. Electronic health record security issues are a real problem for the industry and it’s important to implement reasonable measures for keeping everything and everyone safe.

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5 advantages of cloud computing and how they can benefit your practice

While the speciality may vary, practices of all sizes across Australia are turning to the cloud to run their business. With the launch of Clinic to Cloud (C2C) in early 2015, over 1200+ healthcare professionals, operating from hundreds of different practices are now computing with our cloud-based platform. With new clinicians joining C2C daily, benefits of the cloud services are now being widely recognised and accepted as the norm.

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Data Security

Protecting patient privacy and data security

 We all know that patient privacy is fundamental to  building trust, but as more & more patient data  becomes digitised  the need to protect and preserve  patient information and have a robust data protection  strategy in place has never been more critical.

 Unfortunately, the cybercrime economy has become  increasingly lucrative and we’re seeing criminal  efforts to attain medical data become more  sophisticated. It’s a very serious issue and private  practices are on the frontline. 

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Data Security

How Clinic to Cloud protects your medical practice with Microsoft Azure

In order to clearly recognise the benefits of our Cloud based Electronic Medical Records System, Clinic to Cloud understands the need to gain full confidence in the reliability and cyber security of the infrastructure provider. Question is, what factors determine a cloud platforms security and safety? What infrastructure will protect patient confidentiality in Australia? Is there tangible evidence to support such security claims? These are highly valid, commonly raised concerns from many of our current and prospective users - and it all starts with our cloud host provider Microsoft Azure.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication for all Clinic to Cloud users

As an extra layer of protection from today all Clinic to Cloud users will have the ability to enable two factor authentication.

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Opening a medical Practice?

Opening your own medical practice is a rewarding endeavour. As a new business owner, you'll need to establish efficient processes and smart finances. This practical guide aims to streamline your operations and simplify your finances, from day one.

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