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Progress report

Firstly thank you for many good wishes for my two years  anniversary as CEO of Clinic To Cloud. It's a nice way to start the  day on a professional level.3 years since the idea was born. It was just an idea and although I  am an excitable character and my energy levels surge at the  concept alone, I was not even sure that it would come to fruition  and whether it would work at all. It’s great to have an idea that you think is going to make a difference versus an idea that is road tested and accepted. 

The organisational structure began to take place 1 year later about the time a  prototype was ready, a very early version of the product that did not have many features at all, we did not have multi-tray printing or advanced scheduler management or claiming or data conversions or mobile apps or modules or a patient portal, come to think of it, we had so little to offer of great value to a functioning practice back then, none the less, at that point a CEO was born and within weeks after, the market spoke to us with its readiness to accept a cloud based electronic medical records solution.

Today with hundreds of practices, doctors, over 1200 users registered and using Clinic To Cloud, not to mention the 1000s of patients using our patient portal; one can safely assume that we have been road tested. Speaking of roads, every software vendor must have a roadmap which is a list of features that they are developing or plan to develop. We have an aggressive roadmap with innovation at the heart of it.

I believe that not only have we have set the tone for the Cloud based Electronic Medical Records market for the healthcare sector in Australia, we have also politely invited others to join the game.

I am proud to report that Clinic To Cloud as a company is on target to continue growth, innovation and of course the continued enhancement of the solution on a day to day level.  Exciting times ahead as more practices join us. 


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Rafic Habib
Rafic Habib is the Founder and CEO of Clinic to Cloud. Rafic has spent almost two decades in the healthcare technology industry and has a unique appreciation for the level of pressure and intensity the sector falls under in both private and public practice. Rafic identified the opportunity to leverage technology to optimise practice operations, improve patient experiences and improve the financial performances of clinics.
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