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Discover the practice management platform for Urologists

urologist practice management software

Time is precious and patient information is valuable, so we want to help you streamline these factors. By giving you more time to focus on your patients, our platform empowers you with all the information you need for when you need it. Discover how Clinic to Cloud supports Urologists in delivering smarter healthcare.

urology practice management

Built for Urologists on the go

Simplify patient recall reminders using automation

Empower your efficiency with notifications and mobility

We understand that having patient information at the point of care is an important part of ensuring efficiency and proper care. Which is why our platform delivers pre-consultation registration that enables patients to complete their registration ahead of their appointment, reducing the administrative burden on your clinic staff.

Smart recalls also provide timely reminders to ensure positive patient experience and effective risk management. You can also automate direct reminders to your patients, via SMS, email or through the patient portal. 

Equip your practice with a platform that understands the way you work. Our convenient doctor app gives you visibility on your schedule, patient charts and suite of mobile clinical tools: anywhere, anytime. 

Embrace smarter procedure management and reminders

Embrace smarter procedure management and reminders

Our procedure management dashboard and workflows are designed to help ensure every patient is properly booked and prepared for surgery. You can personalise checklists, reminders and adjust workflow configurations to suit your clinic’s needs. Leverage our e-task feature to provide a complete audit trail that allows you and your team to mitigate risk and stay in control.

Our intuitive reporting features provide you with visibility on all booked and unbooked procedures allowing you to better manage patient outcomes and your practice’s financial performance.

Streamline your clinic - from the waiting room to operating theatre

Streamline your clinic - from the waiting room to operating theatre

Leverage workflow-driven waiting room features that adapt to the everyday operations of your bustling clinic. Our robust platform maps out your waiting, consultation and operating rooms, creating a drag and drop interface for every section of your practice, with all disciplines and locations accounted for. When a patient is ready to move to the next area, simply drag and drop their profile into the appropriate room and gain real time tracking of their care as well as analysis of every aspect of your clinic's efficiency.

Embrace full visibility of the patient journey. Smart automations and integrated workflows that are triggered by specific patient events equip you and your team with crucial information to provide timely treatment and excellent patient experiences.

Engage and empower patients with convenient communications

Engage and empower patients with convenient communications

Boost patient engagement by delivering timely information to the palm of their hands. Our easy to use patient portal allows you to securely share test results, letters, invoice history and other crucial clinical information directly with your patients.

Patients can also upload important documents and medical information before their appointment, ensuring your staff are best prepared to provide relevant treatment. Save time and money by reducing no shows - our portal empowers your patients to book, reschedule and confirm their appointments at any time, within the rules that you define.

Integrated Secure Messaging

Integrated Secure Messaging

We understand the need to quickly and securely communicate key information with other members of your patients' care team. Using our secure messaging functionality, you are able to share any clinical or patient information with other healthcare professionals via our direct integrations with Argus, Medical Objects and HealthLink.

Accelerate letter management with voice recognition

Accelerate letter management with voice recognition

We recognise that letter creation and management is an important, yet time consuming part of the daily operations of your practice. We strive to protect your time by delivering tools that make the entire process more efficient and much less of a chore.

Our intelligent letter management workflows are coupled with integrated voice recognition to deliver the most efficient and cost effective tool on the market.

Our voice recognition engine is purpose built for doctors and uses medical-grade, UK English. It is phonetics based and gender specific meaning accents and medical terms are not an issue.

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