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Paying an Unpaid Invoice in the Patient Portal

This guide will explain how to pay your outstanding accounts using Online Payments in the Patient Portal. 

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Paying an Unpaid Invoice

Watch this short video for a demonstration on paying an outstanding account, or continue scrolling to the written instructions.

This article is intended for patients of medical practices using the Clinic to Cloud Patient Portal.

Brief Overview

Your Patient Portal gives you the ability to access your appointments, accounts, and medical records based on the preferences of your practice and provider.  One feature of the Patient Portal is paying outstanding accounts online, providing a simple solution for you to manage any Unpaid Invoices without the need to contact the practice directly.  

This article will show you how to pay an Unpaid Invoice using our Online Payments feature.


Short Version

  • Login to your Patient Portal at patientportal.clinictocloud.com.au.
  • View your Unpaid Invoices on the:
    • Home Page
    • Quotes & Invoices 
  • Click the red Pay $ button of the invoice you wish to pay.  
  • Enter your card details and click the green Pay $ button.  
    • Tip: Use the toggle to save your card for next time.  
  • If your invoice is eligible for a Medicare rebate, this will send automatically on your behalf.  Contact your clinic if you have not received your refund from Medicare within 3 days.


To pay your outstanding accounts within the Patient Portal, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Patient Portal.
    Go to patientportal.clinictocloud.com.au and enter your Email and Password, and click Login.

    To reset your password, use the Forgot Password? function.

    For more details on logging into the Patient Portal, read this article.
    1. login to PP
  2. View your Unpaid Invoices via the: 
    a.  Home Page.
    b.  Quotes & Invoices section in the left menu.
    2.a. home page
    2.b. quotes and invoices

  3. Select the Unpaid Invoice you would like to pay and click Pay $ button.

    Note: You can do this step from either the Home Page or the Quotes & Invoices section.
    3. select Pay

  4. Enter in your card details. 
    a.  The Patient Portal will accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard.
    b.  To review the invoice details, scroll down to Invoice You're Paying
    c.  Click Cancel to exit without processing the payment.  
    4a. fill in card details
  5. Save this card for future transactions toggle, optional. 
    a.  Use the toggle to save this card for next time. 
    b.  Your card details will be stored securely by Stripe.  
    5. save card toggle
    c.  You can save up to three cards in your Patient Portal
    d.  You will be given the choice of which card to use when paying, if you saved one or more previously.  
    e.  You can remove cards that are no longer valid when paying an invoice.  
    5.a multiple cards
  6. Click the green Pay $ button to process the payment.  
    a.  Stripe will validate your card details during payment.  
    b.  Click Cancel to exit without processing the payment.  
    6. click pay, valid
    c.  You will be unable to proceed if your card cannot be validated. 
    d.  The card icon will display red if it is not valid and the Pay button will be greyed out.
    e.  Your card may not pass validation if: 
    - the card is the wrong type.
    - the card number is entered incorrectly.
    - there are insufficient funds. 
    6a. invalid card - usable
  7. Once processed, the screen will display Successfully Paid.  Click Back to Home to return to your Home Page.  
    a.  A copy of the receipt is saved into your Paid Invoices, where it can be printed if required. 
    b.  If your invoice is eligible for a Medicare rebate, this will send automatically on your behalf.  Contact your clinic if you have not received payment within 3 days.  
    7. payment successful


Further Reading