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Two-factor authentication for all Clinic to Cloud users

As an extra layer of protection from today all Clinic to Cloud users will have the ability to enable two factor authentication.


This means that aside from just your user name and password, you will need a smart phone or device to complete a further security check before you are able to login to the application.


There are four distinct options that you can set in the practice administration to control the two factor settings, to cater for the needs of users at the practice as well as the standard of security you would like to see upon login.


This is just another way Clinic to Cloud is giving the practice more ways to stay safe online.


Two factor authentication plus a wealth of features to run your practice today, there has neever been a better time to make the switch to Clinic to Cloud.


Contact us today to find out about all the features we have today for the modern medical practice.


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Rafael Niesten
I look after the day to day aspect of all things Clinic to Cloud, and enjoy working with our team to ensure we have the happiest clients in the world. In my spare time, I'm usually riding my bike, doing stand up comedy, jamming with my guitar or hanging out with my two girls.