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The world of the cloud EMR

In 2016 there are more and more cloud offerings available to consumers and business from internet banking, to shopping,  to Netflix and other forms of digital content.

We live in the cloud in some respects as the reality now is that in our daily lives we interact with some cloud based product or service across a wide variety of industries including traditional physical goods - The internet of things.

Cloud is the obvious choice for busy modern medical practices, but cloud is just a word - you need to ensure the software you select for your business is of course fit for your business.


  • It is also good to know where you data is hosted.
  • Is it onshore or offshore? 
  • Who is hosting your data for you?


And as I recently wrote - who owns this data?


Clinic to Cloud partners with Microsoft Azure which has developed a large footprint in Australia providing the best of breed in infrastructure and technology.

When considering medical software it would be beneficial to think of all the must haves you need to run your business and practice as well as the should haves and of course nice to have items.

Clinic to Cloud today these great features ready to use for your practice with some fantastic item in the pipeline that will revolutionise the way you practice medicine and provide patient care:

  • Smart scheduling and appointment creation
  • Patient portal and patient app - allowing the patient to interact with the practice to book appointments and view their clinical data
  • Secure messaging - centrally hosted (nothing to install)
  • Xero - automated process of invoices into Xero and automatic reconsiliation in Clinic to Cloud
  • Pathology and imaging requests and downloads
  • Prescribing and MIMS integration
  • Mobile apps for smart phones and tablets
  • Cloud based Obstetrics and Gynaecology module
  • Eclipse claiming with all the respective rules and regulations such as MPR and derived fees
  • Bulk bill, DVA and patient claim integrations with nothing to install
  • Fee estimates workflow with procedure linking, op reports and billing seamlessly integrated
  • Workcover, government and private fee uploads
  • Suite of reporting tools
  • Extensive vitals and growth charts
  • Conversion tools to transfer your data from your existing application directly into Clinic to Cloud
  • Hl7 and API integrations
  • The clinical journey - a great way for you to see the patient journey with your practice


These are just a sample of some of the features available right now to medical practices using Clinic to Cloud.

Contact us today and we can provide you with more information or a demonstration.


Ready to transform your medical practice?
Rafael Niesten
I look after the day to day aspect of all things Clinic to Cloud, and enjoy working with our team to ensure we have the happiest clients in the world. In my spare time, I'm usually riding my bike, doing stand up comedy, jamming with my guitar or hanging out with my two girls.
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