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How Clinic to Cloud protects your medical practice with Microsoft Azure

In order to clearly recognise the benefits of our Cloud based Electronic Medical Records System, Clinic to Cloud understands the need to gain full confidence in the reliability and cyber security of the infrastructure provider. Question is, what factors determine a cloud platforms security and safety? What infrastructure will protect patient confidentiality in Australia? Is there tangible evidence to support such security claims? These are highly valid, commonly raised concerns from many of our current and prospective users - and it all starts with our cloud host provider Microsoft Azure.

At Clinic to Cloud part of our guiding philosophy is to empower practitioners through mobility and on-demand connectivity with their practice. In order to enable these capabilities without compromising data integrity, we looked to the Australian deployment of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. 

Australia has been found geographically fortunate in that Microsoft has launched dual data centres located domestically in both Sydney and Melbourne as part of their global cloud framework.

Therefore, data sovereignty remains in effect with all transmitted cloud data hosted within and restricted to Australian boarders. As a clinician, you have the confidence that your sensitive clinical information remains subject to Australia’s rigorous privacy of information legislation.

Furthermore, a key milestone of Azure’s security and safety assurance is the successful compliance with the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). The IRAP is a government assessment commissioned by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to comprehensively review the cyber security and reliability of a cloud provider against the Government’s strict policies and guidelines. IRAP assessment was conducted independently by Foresight Consulting, a specialist cyber security consultancy firm.

Taken from their official letter of compliance outlines - “The principal finding of this assessment process is that the applicable Information Security Manual controls are in place and fully effective within Microsoft Azure for the processing, storage and transmission of UNCLASSIFIED (DLM) Australian Government data” writes Peter Baussmann Principal Security Consultant, Foresight Consulting September 2014.

The durability and reliability of the Azure network is further illustrated through the continuous data back-ups at both Sydney and Melbourne during any natural disaster or event. Clinic to Cloud also allows practices to download their data and retain a local copy in addition to the above measures.

Threats to a clinician’s data integrity are ever present, even when processing clinical information outside of the cloud environment via locally hosted server platforms.

Server and hardware theft, hardware crashes, environmental hazards and poor data back-up & anti-virus update schedules can all pose real risks to a practices data integrity and cyber safety. Managing clinical data through Microsoft Azure’s cloud can greatly minimise if not eliminate many of these server based risks factors.

Azure conducts regular cyber penetration testing and round the clock monitoring of their data centres, essentially to uncover any flaws or potential security risks to their cloud system.“We also hire independent third-party firms to do pen testing on the platform services,” Stevan Vidich, director of Windows Azure marketing, reports to Lifehacker Australia – a well-known software weblog.

When it comes to retiring hardware drives, Microsoft Azure safeguards hosted information through a 7-pass wiping process Vidich again tells Life Hacker “Those drives which cannot spin we will physically shred and pulverise”.

Microsoft has invested more than US$15BN to drive their global cloud framework. Clinical enterprises are increasingly turning towards Azure’s cloud solution to reduce costs, drive clinical innovation and launch new business ventures knowing the enabling provisions of cyber safety ensured by Microsoft.

To place Clinic to Cloud in a hosted perspective, 85% of fortune 500 companies are now hosted in Azure’s cloud.

Domestically, the Commonwealth Bank, iCareHealth, carsales and AGL are some of the adjacent companies trusting their sensitive financial and customer/client data to Microsoft. Currently, 93000 new Azure subscriptions are generated each month.

Essentially, every industry in both private and public governmental sectors, including health care, are experiencing the effects of real innovation accelerated by Azure’s cloud technology. For clinicians, there is an impressive view developing high up in the clouds. Patient confidentiality is powered by only the best technology. 

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