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Medical | Screen realestate

“The best things in the world should be easy to use and difficult to master”

Nolan Bushnell – The inventor of Atari 

Real estate in Sydney has been and continues to be a great investment and who knows what the next phase will be or the next boom for that matter, however, this is not the real estate I am currently focused on. These days I am most interested in screen real estate. Yes you heard right, screen real estate, a term that refers to the use and display of features of an applications on a computer screen or smart device screen.

Since we spend so much time in front of a computer screen, it has become critically important how we display information on that screen and how we capture information. Incredible amounts of time, effort and resources are being invested daily in ensuring applications are user friendly. We consider font type and size, colour scheme, types of buttons, logos, images and most importantly what is displayed on the one screen and how easy or difficult is it to get to where you need to get to. Then we think about, meaningful data, is it all the information I need to make decisions and if not then how many screens do I need to navigate, are but a few considerations when designing software.

A very important consideration is the number of clicks required to complete a task, I personally have rejected many features from my design team. If the user has to click too many times, we have to define too many but let’s get back to that, then as an application provider you are giving your users “Click Fatigue”, yes another term I acquired recently. Click Fatigue is now officially a clinical term used to describe a computer mouse clicking related symptoms. At clinic to Cloud we count we literally count clicks to try and minimise the number of times the user has to click to complete a task. We have also enabled voice recognition for our doctors, not only for letters but also for consult notes. 

Building a software application today, one must ensure that the application does what the user expects, however in view of what I said previously, it’s not good enough that the product can carry out functions, it’s also important to ensure that applications like, Clinic To Cloud, is easy to use aesthetically pleasing and geared for innovation. Watch this space!  

We would all agree, that on-screen technology has evolved a great deal to everyone’s benefit. This is just the beginning of an interesting journey, in my opinion technology changes today are as interesting as the beginning of personal computing. Innovation in the space will continue to grow at a phenomenal rate and Clinic to Cloud positioned as an organization to take advantage and contribute innovative ways of doing things.

We understand that change for any practice of any size is difficult and a lot of the cost is what I call soft cost; usually around change management with your team regardless of size, the training required to get the team back to optimal level of efficiency. Within a private practice, Clinic to Cloud has a significant role to play in this change by producing an application that is easy to learn and use, like internet banking, Facebook, LinkedIn or booking a flight which are every day functions that we all use seamlessly without official training. Granted, an electronic Medical Records system is more involved and training is essential, however we have and will continue to keep it simple.

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Rafic Habib
Rafic Habib is the Founder and CEO of Clinic to Cloud. Rafic has spent almost two decades in the healthcare technology industry and has a unique appreciation for the level of pressure and intensity the sector falls under in both private and public practice. Rafic identified the opportunity to leverage technology to optimise practice operations, improve patient experiences and improve the financial performances of clinics.
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