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Discover the practice management platform for improved patient experiences increased practice efficiency improved financial performance convenient mobile EMR access


Boost Your Medical Practice With A Trusted Toolbox

Your medical practice is a complex business, with no room for inefficient processes or slow-moving systems.

The Clinic To Cloud platform offers a comprehensive toolbox of features, integrations, workflows and automations to boost practice efficiency and deliver improved financial outcomes. Furthermore, when your team isn't burdened by administration they can instead focus on delivering the highest quality patient experience. 

Easy Setup

Fully Mobile

24/7 Data Security and Privacy


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Our intuitive medical practice management platform uses the cloud to support you the way you want to work: on the go. Backed by the Australian Government-certified Microsoft Azure Platform, you can rest assured that all you data is backed up and protected 24/7  

You and your team can access your practice via any web enabled device: Mac, PC, iOS or Android. You can consult and view patient information no matter where the day takes you.


See it in Action

Learn How IVFAustralia Leveraged Clinic to Cloud to Improve Operational Efficiency and Deliver Better Patient Experiences

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Clinical Tools

Embrace cloud-based practice management with a user-friendly, integrated suite of clinical tools giving you all the information and documentation you need, available on any device.

From the palm of your hand you can manage all patient and clinical information. Seamless MIMS integration offers the ability to directly and safely prescribe medication through the platform, while our results functionality lets you request and review pathology and imaging tests.

Mobile Access

Drive a more productive day with on-the-go access from Clinic to Cloud. Mobile access equips you and your team with the information you need anywhere, anytime, on any device.

By leveraging a solution that understands the way you work, you’ll no longer be desk-bound or caught without the relevant information when you need it. You can plan your day ahead, review test results, organise tasks for your support team and more — all from the palm of your hand.

Fees Management

Managing the financial side of your practice is no longer a hassle with streamlined fee processing.

Our platform allows you to set specific fees for item numbers depending on the age and experience of your doctors — you can even adjust individual patient charges in real time. 

Voice Recognition

Reduce the administrative burden of typing letters and consult notes. Voice-enabled clinical software equips you and your team to process important medical documents hassle-free.

Our medical-grade voice recognition software is internationally recognised, purpose built for Australian healthcare professionals. You can dictate letters, consultation notes and system commands using any mobile or desktop device. Our smart dictation software also adapts to your unique voice, accent and specialist terminology, all within an hour of use.


Multi-location and multi-user access empowers your practice with a central platform to view and manage all aspects of your business.

Our cloud-based system offers the accessibility and scalability needed to best support a thriving practice. All practitioners and support staff are no longer bound to their desk or to the cost of expensive servers and IT maintenance. Multi-level access across the platform enables all users to view, share and create information through one collaborative platform in real time.

Financial Control

Financial management just got a whole lot easier, with practice-wide control and visibility available at your fingertips

Streamline your practice’s finances to eliminate the unnecessary administrative burden on your staff. Manage daily banking activities, share patient billing data, send and follow-up on invoices — all through one central platform. Intuitive automations also means you’ll never lose track of unpaid invoices or missing patient information.

Medicare Integration

Our streamlined Medicare integration connects patient claims directly to Medicare, cutting down on administrative costs and saving your staff's time.

You can create patient claims, complete DVA transactions, lodge claims and more — all from the one screen. You can also stay up to date on all financial reporting, with all relevant information only a few clicks away.

Easy Set-Up

Start using our practice management platform from day one. Our flexible online training modules allow you and your team to learn the fundamentals, anytime, anywhere. With extensive how-to guides that cover all the essentials — you can jump straight in and experience the benefits of our platform right away.

Your time is valueable, so we deliver effective training to  minimise the disruption to your practice.  Our friendly team are also available for additional technical support as needed. 

The make up of a practice team can vary greatly, therefore we’ve structured our pricing to suit all types of users. Depending on the size of your team - doctors, nurses and support staff - your practice can give everyone the technology they need to succeed..

One Time Setup Fee

Small one-time fee to get your practice up and running.

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Pay Per Clinician
How many staff need a subscription? Pay per person with the Clinician Staff package.

Admin Staff

Pay Per Admin Staff User
How many staff need a subscription? Pay per person with the Admin Staff package.

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You don't need any. Being a pure-play cloud solution, Clinic to Cloud doesn't require server setup. You simply sign up and start using it from any web-enabled device, and you only pay a monthly fee for the number of users.

Any web-enabled device will allow you to connect to the platform:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro (all releases to date)
  • A PC Computer or laptop
  • Any Mac computer or laptop
  • iPad and Android tablets
  • iPhones and Android phones via dedicated apps
As many as you need, adding locations and users only takes a few clicks. For every practice you manage, you can have separate schedules and provider numbers.

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