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Dr Joseph Sgroi | Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and IVF/Fertility Specialist | The power of the EMR

The true benefit of an EHR is in it's ability to access and share medical information in order to improve clinical outcomes for patients.

This was recently demonstrated when one of my patients was admitted to intensive care.

Accessibility and sharing of information.
While standing at the bedside in ICU I was able to access my Clinic to Cloud app on my smart phone and inform the intensivist of my patient's past medical and surgical history, while showing him on my phone the most recent pathology and imaging results. 

This provided a full clinical picture at a critical time.

Improved clinical outcomes

Given that my Clinic to Cloud app is able to view patient results electronically as soon as they are available, I was able to inform the intensivist of blood culture results showing Staph aureus prior to a fax being received or notification by the microbiologist to the intensive care unit.

Embrace The Cloud
Modern cloud based technology has advanced commercial and financial sectors. It provides customers with immediate access to their banking records and the ability to transfer money. E-commerce allows for the purchase of goods online.

Until recently the medical sector has lacked the IT infrastructure to easily access patient information and results. Supported by Microsoft; Clinic to Cloud's electronic health record has brought the medical profession into the 21st-century.


As seen at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/power-emr-dr-joseph-sgroi 

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