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The Practice Efficiency Calculator

How much time and money is your practice management system costing you?
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Your practice is a fast-paced environment. Even with the hardest working team, your practice will struggle to thrive with inefficient technology and processes at play. The price tag of inefficiency too often translates to wasted hours and dollars, better spent on delivering the highest quality care to your patients.

Using fresh insights and data, we’ve created the Practice Efficiency Calculator to help you uncover the real price tag of your current practice management system.

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Engaging patients from Day 1.

Attracting new patients is the lifeblood of growing your practice, yet the curly questions around what it takes to onboard them aren't asked often enough. The administration time associated with paper forms adds up, as typing patient data into the system, photocopying and filing and the necessary waiting time before patients can see a physician is just the beginning.

These days, many practices are choosing digital solutions that offer a patient portal – so patients can sign up, send through important documentation before their consultation, and arrive for their appointments to see a physician with little or no waiting period. This also provides physicians early access to information, plus the ability to identify any gaps in patient data in order to provide an effective consultation.

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  • 20Minutes

Everything at your fingertips

In a fast paced medical clinic, every minute counts. Tasks, such as accessing and reviewing clinical notes before every consultation, causes undue delays and burns through valuable time.

An intuitive digital system allows practitioners to access a complete overview of a patient’s medical information and draw attention to unfavourable results or information that needs immediate attention, all in the palm of their hand. This convenience streamlines and supports the patient journey – reducing the time needed to access, review and annotate clinical notes and test results.

per patient
  • 5Minutes
  • 10Minutes
  • 15Minutes
  • 20Minutes

Let's chart a new path

With so many patients, information overload is a real phenomenon that can be resolved through concise and thorough clinical charts. However, clinical charts aren’t the only way to keep all clinicians and support staff on the same page for cohesive patient care.

Cloud-based practice management solutions that are accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device reduce the time spent on preparing clinical charts. Modern practice management systems pull the data together in an easy to use interface, so the information is always at your fingertips.

Hey Siri, is it true that dictating notes is faster?

There is a reason why Apple and Google invest heavily in Siri and Alexa, as voice dictation far surpasses writing and typing in terms of speed and convenience. Research shows dictating notes can save physicians up to 3.5 hours (per 8 hour shift).

Investing in medical grade voice recognition software means streamlining information flow for far greater efficiency. Say goodbye to letter writing backlogs! After all, you’re far more likely to find a 5 minute window to quickly dictate notes than squeezing in 20 minutes to write them down.

Adding a price tag to your services

Sorting out the financial side of your practice can become time consuming and administration heavy, particularly in environments with multiple physicians and specialities.

For many practices, automation is the answer. Automatic patient fee allocation, along with Medicare integrations offer the most convenient option for ensuring bills are charged correctly and paid on time.

Let's crunch the numbers

Thanks for filling out the Practice Efficiency Calculator – we’re crunching the numbers and determining where your precious time and energy can be saved.

Simply fill your details in below, and we’ll send your full results straight to your inbox. Greater practice efficiency is just around the corner!

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