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Microsoft showcases IT solutions to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare sector

Microsoft showcases IT solutions to accelerate digital transformation in healthcare sector
The 15th annual Hospital Management Asia (HMA) conference has just opened in Ho Chi Minh City, with the presence of over 1,000 delegates from 30countries, who are senior healthcare administrators and medical professionals.
The purpose of the two-day HMA 2016 is to share understandings, skills and give practical advices to hospital managers in Asia, thus the sessions focused on offering hospital and healthcare managers the opportunity to learn specific tools and techniques to optimise hospital management, presenting skills-related workshops, run by experienced professors and industry experts to solve practical issues, providing a forum to update and review best management practices in hospitals and showcasing the latest products, services and professional solutions that can increase the productivity and improve the quality of health-care services.

As a trusted advisor and the world’s leading IT partner, within the framework of the conference, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Health Innovation Lab, an Asia Pacific transformation initiative.

“Microsoft believes in accelerating digital transformation by providing complete, end-to-end services for developers, start-ups and researchers looking to co-innovate and co-sell their solutions, all within the category of health. This starts from conceptualization to creation, and even to the commercialisation of the product in Vietnam. This is a one of a kind innovation hub that focuses on leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, including Internet of Things (IoT), Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Services. In addition, there will be ongoing hackathons, boot camps, as well as innovation events which individuals and organisations can leverage,” said Nguyen Tuan Anh of Microsoft Vietnam. “The application of technology inventions will help address current challenges of health industry. Microsoft, with global health solution development professionalism and complete infrastructure platform, especially the practices in Asia, will help hospitals and health facilities in Vietnam with new means to optimise the manpower and resources, which will bring out the best services.”

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