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Business leadership

Practice Efficiency

3 reasons your medical practice needs a strategic plan (and how to write one)

When first starting a medical practice, many practitioners recognise the importance of writing a sound business plan that focuses on delivering immediate results; but in the commotion of the day to day, creating an ongoing strategic plan that can serve as a roadmap for growth often gets neglected. This roadmap can help you realise your vision for the clinic and maintain your competitive advantage.

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Patient Experience

Why your clinic needs a Chief Patient Experience Officer

‘Customer Experience’ was once considered a buzzword by many businesses. Some considered it to be a passing fad while others were unclear on how to apply the concept. However, it has quickly become one of most critical differentiators for companies today. No matter what the industry, the better the customer experience, the more customers the business will attract and retain.

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Financial Performance

The importance of clinician leadership in healthcare

Throughout a clinician's education, most of their training is focused on the medical aspects of their profession. From learning how to treat patients with care and empathy, to building the hard skills that can save lives. Rarely are leadership skills included. With today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, leadership and business acumen are not only becoming favorable traits, but are required for clinicians pursuing a successful career.

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Business & Leadership


As a business owner and entrepreneur one must always look for advise and counsel on how to improve and grow as well as the regular sanity check on whether the decisions taken are the correct ones. Although it is incredibly difficult to know for sure whether a decision is the correct one and at the end of the day you may feel that no one knows your business as well as you do and you may very well be right especially if you are being disruptive. I would like to tell you that there are always 3 possible solutions to most problems and we often think of one especially when we are busy.

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Opening a medical Practice?

Opening your own medical practice is a rewarding endeavour. As a new business owner, you'll need to establish efficient processes and smart finances. This practical guide aims to streamline your operations and simplify your finances, from day one.

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